Techniques and offerings.

Medicinal-strength bodywork, tailored to your individual needs, making a real improvement in the way your body functions and feels.

Cupping, hot stones and hot towels are complimentary, and can be included at your request or by the suggestion of the therapist.


Therapeutic Massage

Swedish Massage increases circulation and flushes toxins from the body by using long, smooth, relatively superficial strokes that move blood and lymph towards the heart. Swedish massage techniques are great for stimulating your immune system. 

Deep Tissue Massage is an approach that reaches the deeper layers of the muscles and related tissues by using a variety of techniques such as stretching, deep sustained pressure and slow, steady, firm strokes. 

Therapeutic Massage is a blend of these modalities to help alleviate chronic tension, soothe the nervous system and increase circulation. Pressure can be a range from light to deep, depending on the preference of the client. Incorporating heat applications (hot stones or hot packs) help further the release of deep tension.

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Cupping Massage

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Cupping can be added, at no additional charge, to any service. Just enter "cupping" into the comments field of your online booking. Or, talk with your therapist at the time of your appointment. Typically, cupping is incorporated into the massage, and is not the entire focus of the massage.

Cupping massage is a modified version of cupping therapy commonly used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Glass cups are used to create a suction, or negative pressure, and are then used to glide over muscles and adhesions. The resulting sensation is similar to deep tissue massage or myofascial release. This highly effective massage modality addresses deeper layers of connective and muscle tissues. A great treatment for fibromyalgia, chronic pain, scar tissue, cellulite and draining excess fluids and toxins.


Pregnancy Massage

Safe, comfortable care for our expecting clients.  Utilizing pillows, bolsters and ample drapes, we offer our 2nd-3rd trimester clients side-lying massage. First trimester Mamas often feel comfortable laying on their back for part of the massage. As always, we follow your lead as to your comforts and desires. 


Medical Massage

Acute injuries sustained from incidents like motor vehicle accidents require an advanced level of care and treatment planning. We work with your referring doctor to ensure that your massage treatments are safe and effective in helping you recover from what is often a traumatic event. It takes time for your muscles and connective tissues to heal, and for your nervous system to shed the trauma of acute injury. By providing slow, cautious, informed massage techniques specifically intended for injury recovery and management we can help you return to your previous state of well being. We keep careful documentation throughout your treatment and bill your insurance directly, so you can focus on getting better.